The early life of Rocco Labriola in the united states
Rocco Labriola was born in Savignano Irpino on March 12, 1876. He had two older sisters and six younger siblings.
Rocco's father, Guiseppe was born in 1845, his mother, Irene Contella, in 1847. From all accounts Rocco had a close relationship with his mother, and it is said that whenever he spoke of her, even late in life, he would always have a tear in his eye. 
Perhaps it was due to this closeness that Rocco felt the need to leave Savignano shortly after her death on May 20, 1896. He set out for the New World just four days after his 24th birthday, on March 16, 1900.

S.S. Aller
Arrived March 28, 1900